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Losing hair is undoubtedly regrettable. In any case, several professionals could have claimed to be able to restore your hair using numerous unheard-of techniques. Here at Look Care Hair & Skin Center, we don't guarantee; we create heads with lots of hair. From medication, PRP, and mesotherapy to hair transplants, we meticulously attend to patients' many needs. We have established ourselves as the top dermatologist for all skin and hair problems for a wide spectrum of people. A cycle of 50–100 hairs falling out is very typical. When a hair falls out, another hair from the follicle that lies close below the skin's surface replaces it. A protein similar to that present in fingernails and toenails is used to create hair. To prevent common hair growth, everyone should consume a reasonable amount of protein. The majority of sources of protein are eggs, meat, almonds, chicken, dried beans, and grains. The majority of us believe that our hair grows and disappears in a split second.


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