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Though balding is typically associated with older men, there are several forms and reasons of hair loss that can affect anybody at any moment, regardless of age or gender. Male and female pattern baldness or hormonal hair loss come to mind most often when we think of hair loss. This can happen to men as early as their 20s, although it most frequently affects women around menopause. Other types of hair loss, however, are more typical among younger individuals. What part of the scalp is affected, whether the hair is falling out at the root or breaking in the middle, and if the hair loss is permanent depends on the kind of baldness someone has. White flakes appear on the scalp as a result of dandruff. It is a non-inflammatory, non-infectious skin disorder that affects the scalp and may cause hair loss. There are two forms of dandruff: dry and moist. Wintertime is when dry air and hot water take up the natural oil from the scalp, leading to dry scalp. When the scalp glands generate too much sebum, it collects on the scalp with the dust and creates flakes of oily dandruff.


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