Hair Bonding Services

Because the bonds are what actually hold the hair strand together, working at the bond level is important. Bond breakdown is caused by damage from heat tools, routine styling, hair color, and other factors. As flexible links in hair are disrupted and continue to deteriorate, a cascade of hair alterations is triggered. Cuticles lift, resulting in rough individual strands of formerly silky hair, a duller color, and a lack of luster. The thread then starts to unravel, leaving behind split ends and fragmented strands. Hair bonding treats damage at the molecular level, as opposed to solutions that only cover up the signs of hair damage. Mineral oils, silicones, and keratin are frequently used in the production of products advertised for smoothing hair. While such components are essential in the field of hair care, damaged hair requires a hair bonding adjustment. There are several designer, high-end, luxury products on the market that claim to address every hair problem known to man. Numerous of those similar products don't target the cause of many hair issues; instead, they merely treat the symptoms.


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