Hair Fusion

Fusion hair extensions are a well-liked and successful method of lengthening and enhancing the volume of your hair. utilizing a keratin bonding chemical, tiny hair strands are attached to your natural hair utilizing this technique. The original method of connecting hair extensions, known as hot fusion, involves utilizing a heated keratin adhesive to strand-by-strand join small bundles of hair to the existing hair. In this technique, the keratin is melted using a fusion hair iron or heated pliers to forge a solid link between the natural hair and the extensions. This procedure, which is typically carried out by a professional stylist, can take up to two hours. On the other hand, a more recent technique for connecting hair extensions without using heat is called cold fusion. The extensions are instead secured to the original hair using i-tip and nano-tip strands. Rather than using a hot adhesive, these strands are fastened with a tiny clamp or bead. Since no heat is applied during this process, it is thought to be more friendly on the natural hair. Although the method is a little different and could call for a different level of skill, cold fusion extensions can be applied in a comparable amount of time as hot fusion extensions.


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