Hair Patch Services

Hair patching is nothing but an artificial hair wig made up of artificial or natural hair with a silicon base. It can be available ready-made or custom-made. Ready-made are easily available in the market. Whereas in custom made you can customize it according to your head measurement. The texture and the colour of your hair can also be matched. The advanced hair patching or the lace is with a porous base which will give a natural look as if the hair is growing out of your scalp as in high definition. Noticeable hair loss can be deeply distressing at any age. Not only can it change the way you look but it can deeply affect your self-esteem and sense of identity. While hair transplant surgery may have been the only option in the past, advances in research and technology mean that there are now more non-surgical hair systems available. Non-surgical treatments are a great alternative for people who don’t feel ready or comfortable with invasive and costly surgery.


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