Hair patch in Delhi

Hair Bonding Services, Hair bonds are what make up your hair’s structure and texture. They also determine the strength of your hair so it’s important to look after them properly and treat them for any damage if necessary. These are permanent hair bonds that are also responsible for your hair type The number of disulfide bonds within the hair determines how curly the hair is - the more bonds the curlier the hair. Disulfide bonds are largely responsible for how strong our hair is and how prone it is to damage. Disulfide bonds themselves can be damaged by bleach and chemical treatments. When it comes to looking after our hair bonds, you should try to minimize aggressors that can damage them in the first place. Many things, from heat to bleach, can damage these bonds and affect our hair strength. However, for bonds that are already damaged, using a hair bonding treatment can help restore the strength and integrity of the hair, giving you soft, bouncy curls once again.

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