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Hair fall in various forms has become a common complaint in today’s day and age. Diffuse hair fall is a common cause of stress and panic in most individuals who suffer from this leading to hair fall treatments being employed in various forms including numerous home remedies. This type of hair fall is mediated by a hormone commonly present in males but also in females. This causes a decrease in the size and diameter (the process of miniaturization). This type of hair fall is generally slow in progress and typically the patient wont complain of excessive fall but a slow fall over the period of months or years and thinning and/or loss if hair in a particular pattern, which varies in males and females. Sudden excessive hair fall post an insult to the body in the form of crash diets, fever (typhoid, dengue, chikungunya etc.), straightening or re-bonding, surgery, mental stress, and delivery of a baby are common causes of this type of alarming hair fall. This is typically seen about 3-4 months after the insult and the common complaints include- hair on the pillow, a decrease in the size of the ponytail, chunks of hair in the shower drain and rubber band etc. The good news is that “acute telogen effluvium” is self-limiting, i.e. typically settles in a week to months, although providing hair fall treatment is prudent as the patient is alarmed by the amount of hair fall.

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