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Hair loss problems not only affect the appearance of a person but also make a mental impact. While many times hair loss problems are hereditary, they can also be caused by ignorance and lack of hair care. Especially in contemporary times when the focus is being shifted from actual health to appearance, lifestyle and dietary changes are majorly contributing to hair loss issues. A hair patch is an artificial hair restoration treatment in which artificial hair is placed with glue on the bald area. It is particularly useful for men and women who have bald patches and are unwilling to undergo a surgical procedure. The hair patch has the same texture and color as your natural hair and can blend well with your hair.A hair patch is the most effective for individuals who face Hair Loss. Complete patches can be replaced by filling the bald spots most naturally. The hair patches now available use cosmetic glue that does not require you to take them off while swimming or bathing. The glue used is non-allergic and does not cause any irritation or allergy to the scalp.

Hair Patch Services in Moti Bagh

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Mirage Hair patch

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