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Look Care Hair & Skin Center provides hair extensions with long-lasting glue, Hair extensions come in different styles, colors, and different forms of application. The quality of synthetic fibers can vary, Real hair looks and feels real (because it is!) and therefore blends more naturally with your hair. Human hair extensions can be treated just like your own natural hair. You can straighten, curl, blow-dry, color them, and apply hair products. With synthetic hair, you cannot color the hair as most dyes contain ammonia or bleach, which would destroy the synthetic hair. Additionally, you cannot style synthetic hair the same way as your real hair because heat can damage them so curling irons, straighteners, and blow dryers are a no-go, as they will melt or severely damage the hair. Other factors such as sun, friction, or harsh hair products can also damage synthetic hair extensions.

Hair Extension Services in Gandhi Nagar

Hair Extension Services in RK Puram

Hair Extension Services in Model Town

Hair Extension Services in Chandni Chowk

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